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The WMSI MD Program

  • MD Program
  • Basic Science (6 Sem)
  • Clinical Science (6 Sem )

Student Corner

Our Mission

The mission of Washington Medical Science Institute (WMSI) is to prepare physicians to provide high quality care to patients and society with compassion, passion for knowledge, commitment, tolerance, utilising cost-effective high-end technology and dedication to life-long learning. The overarching goal of the Medical program is to provide a broad education in a culturally diverse environment.

WMSI is being developed as a next generation medical school, with focus on an integrated system-based curriculum and early clinical exposure.The curriculum will utilize technology to support and develop student learning and preparation for practice in partnership with leading educational technology providers. WMSI will also emphasize health humanities, social medicine and healthcare ethics. The highly qualified board of WMSI and financially sound parent company are committed to delivering quality medical education.