Perhaps, no other professional in the world gets as much respect as a doctor. Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. It is the noblest profession in all the professions available throughout the world. Being a doctor is having the responsibilities more, than the privilege. Doctor is considered as a highly responsible person because he can save a life of human being, when the patient is in critical condition.

The core function of a doctor seems to be quite simple – that of treating and healing people suffering from diseases or injuries. As a doctor you’ll examine the patients, ascertain the cause of the disease or injury, prescribe medical tests if needed, interpret the results of medical tests, diagnose either on the basis of the medical tests and experience, prescribe medicines and administer treatment. Apart from treating and healing diseases and injuries, you’ll also advice patients on preventive measures.

Doctors perform their functions in conjunction with other health care professionals like nurses, medical technologists and others. But the final responsibility lies with the doctor. So, the profession is of precision.

The margin of error is zero, or has to be minimal. As a doctor, you should understand that. There are no second chances and no trial and error .A single wrong treatment can further aggravate the problem or even result in death.

The characteristics that a doctor should have are as follows. The most important characteristic is that doctor should have good memory as well as he should be able to recollect the information, whenever required. He should be regular in his studies; this is because there are always new researches done for some or the other diseases. Those updates are provided through websites as well as through journals. The understanding power should be more; he should able to understand the things and grasp them at a quicker rate.

US follow a a refined  curriculum for obtaining a medical degree and license to practice. Unlike many other countries, US has a Pre-Med (four years of Undergraduate programme), MD programme (Four years) and USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1, 2 & 3) after completing all; a student is conferred with a license to practice medicine in the US.

Admission requirements to MD programme include an undergraduate degree or four years of study, preferably from a US accredited institution.

Thus for an international student it is mandatory, to put atleast four years of study after 10+2, to appear for MD programme in the US. A Pre-Med programme does not entitle you to become a doctor or guarantee admission to medical school. It just gives a bachelor’s degree in health sciences but it is a prerequisite for MD programme.

Some of the clinical specialisations are:

ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Venereal Diseases (or Skin and Venereal Diseases),
Community Medicine
Critical Care Medicine
Forensic Medicine
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Radiology (or Radio diagnosis)
Sports Medicine

That’s not all. As a doctor, you can better your prospect with a super specialisation under your belt. They include:

Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Paediatric Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Endocrine Surgery

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