Premier Hopkins International Corporation

Premier Hopkins International is a health-care educational provider and medical technology company with its headquarters in Washington DC. PHICorp is a SEC listed Public Limited Company.

PHICorp has acquired WMSI (Washington Medical Science and Institute), USA which is in the process of developing of IHSRCs (International Health Science and Research Centers) and IHSCs (International Health Science Centers).

Washington Medical Science Institute

Washington Medical Science Institute (WMSI) is a USA based international Medical School and Clinical Training provider. It is fully owned by Premier Hopkins International Corporation, United States.

With its Corporate Headquarters in the United States, WMSI has its school campus in St Lucia with ongoing medical and nursing programs. A new campus is also proposed.

Currently, WMSI has institutional affiliations in Ireland and Africa. Numerous new affiliations are in the pipeline in many African and Middle-eastern countries, Europe, USA and Canada.

WMSI is listed and recognized by international bodies like ECFMG, FAIMER, NBME, AVICENNA (A subsidiary of WHO), Govt of St Lucia (Ministries of Education, Health & Culture). . By virtue of its above mentioned recognizations, the degree awarded by WMSI will be acceptable by Medical Council of Canada, MCI and GMC. Currently we have applied for CAAMHP. 

WMSI aims to develop next generation leaders in the broad disciplines of medicine, public health, biomedical sciences and research.

WMSI is offering a wide variety of academic programs in partnership with numerous global  universities. 2